Meet the Author

Lanien Clark Theard was born to a military family August 9, 1943, Carmel, California. Lanien and her mother lived in the US and waited for Lt. Clark to return from a tour in  the Pacific during WWII. The family was then stationed in Berlin, Germany, just after the Nazis surrendered May 8, 1945.  Capitan Clark and family witnessed the allied occupation , the American air lift of July, 28, 1948, and the German culture.  The Clark family also welcomed Lanien's sister, Sheelah Clark (Davis)  October 24, 1948.
The Clark family returned to the states for various assignments, including Anchorage, Alaska. This assignment happened during the Alaska earthquake of Spring 1964 and led to many human interest stories.
Mrs. Theard and her family returned to the southern forty eight to fulfill the last assignment in Louisiana.  Mrs. Theard attended Northwestern State in Natchitoches, Louisiana, graduating in nursing. She married a physician, Robert Russell Theard , raised four sons and settled in Lafayette, Louisiana.      
The Clark family retired from military life and moved to Georgetown, SC.  While living  there, Mrs.Clark would write letters to her four grandsons about the adventures of Meme and Granddaddy. Meme's journalism background shown through in her letters. These stories  provided great material for Peach T. Books.
Mrs.Theard's membership in several different organizations, Junior League, Medical Auxiliary, DAR, and SCBWI provided many experiences contributing to the creative process of writing. 
Writting support from literary educators, Melinda Mangham, Blair Cabes and typist, Pat Delahoussay,  aided in delivering the first story, "Andy Alligator's Bayou Adventure" A Grandmother's Peachie T.